Trust and Islamic Capital Conference

Date: Saturday 30th and 31st May 2015
Event: Conference
Title: Trust & Islamic Capital
Venue: Main Lecture Theatre, University Square Stratford, University of East London

This conference – part of the RCUK Global Uncertainties: ‘Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue’ project – re-envisions how trust in the broadest sense is conceived between different communities, and especially between Muslim communities facing an erosion of trust post September 11, 2001, and non-Muslim communities. The conference turns to capital, and specifically Islamic capital deployed among the vast and disparate range of multilingual, multiethnic, multinational and multiregional Muslim communities, as the standpoint or venue through which to understand trust, conceptualize and grapple with trust and inculcate and produce the conditions to foster trust. The conference takes a critical approach to general trends and misconceptions and encourages creative perspectives and empirical research, as well as practitioners’ evaluations of business practices and case studies. 




  Welcome Speeches (Geeta Patel, Rula Al-Abdulrazak, Peter Morey & John Joughin)

  Keynote: Promoting entrepreneurship across cultures: building trust and opportunities (Andrew Fiddaman)


Session 1: Islamic Finance and Trust (Part 1)

  Islamic Banks and Fair Value Measurement (Christopher Napier)

  Trust in Islamic Wealth Management and Microfinance (Dr Shariq Nisar)

  Consumer Trust Building in Islamic Finance: Lessons from the US and Abroad (Dr Nazim Ali)

  Fatwa Shopping and Trust: The Imperativeness of a Legal Framework for Consumer Protection in Islamic Finance (Dr Umar A.Oseni)

  Session 1: Q and A


Session 2: Islamic Finance and Trust (Part 2)

  Takaful and Trust (Dr Omar Fisher)

  Islamic Financial System: A Case Study of Cooperative Society (Dr Mahmud Adesina Ayuba)

  Corporate Governance Implications of the Islamic Theory of Interest (Riba) (Mohammed Gaali Jibriel)

  The Influence of Religiosity on the Perception of Service Quality in the Islamic Banking Industry in Malaysia (Dr Rusnah Muhamad)

  Session 2: Q and A

  Showcase Workshop (Heba Fisher)

  Keynote Lecture: Professor Sonny Nwankwo (Sonny Nwankwo)

  New trends in Global Marketing – New ways of communication through Social Media (Dr Svend Hollenson)

  The Halal Hipsters, Faith, and Trade Phenomenon – from meat and money to something more (Dr Jonathan Willson)

  Keynote Lecture: Q and A


Session 3: Halal Debate

  Halal Food Carts and Franchises: Selling Islam in New York City (Dr Aliyah Khan)

  Commonalities and differences between Halal food certifications and Islamic Finance Sharia’h Boards (Dr Cedomir Nestorovic)

  Trusting the Untrustworthy? - The Business of Halal Meat (Dr Imran Kausar)

  Halal trust: a multicultural perspective (Koen de Praetere)

  Q and A


Session 4: Islam and Markets

  The Qualitative Relationship between Banks and SMEs in Wales (Dr Atsede Woldie)

  Branded Nation and Trust (Rula Al-Abdulrazak)

  Challenges in International Investment (Dr Ali Al-Shamali)

  Session 4: Q and A


Session 5: Trust, Islam, Business and Law

  Trust and negotiation within the family over distribution of Islamic inheritance shares: Generations, Gender and Equity (Professor Siraj Sait)

  Shaykh Haytham Tamim

  Risk, Trust, Reputation (Arif Zaman)

  Session 5: Q and A

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