Question and Answers

  • How is trust built between different communities?
  • What role does it play in everyday relations both within and between groups?
  • Why does trust sometimes break down?
  • How do different cultural traditions complicate or facilitate dialogue?
  • What can financial and business transactions - by definition based on trust - tell us about the possible spaces of dialogue between Islamic and secular models?
  • What role do the media and journalism play in fostering both trust and mistrust between communities?
  • How have relationships of trust or mistrust been imagined by artists, writers and cultural producers?
  • How can stronger, more trusting relationships be fostered by dialogue?

Our work intersects with public debates about intercultural dialogue and questions of trust. It aims to explore how trust is created and how it can be nurtured: to empower groups utilising mechanisms of civic engagement; and to provide those involved in political and social policy-making with a greater understanding of the communities with whom they connect, and how trust and dialogue can make communication more informed and effective.

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