Special Collection ‘Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue’ for the UK Web Archive

MTCD is honoured to have partnered with the British Library for a join project of building a web archive for British Muslims websites. The archive covers a variety of spheres, ranging from NGOs to mosques, youth groups, TV programmes and arts associations. We are creating a special collection for the archive under the title of ‘Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue’.

The British Library is known as one of the largest collections of books in the world. Since 2004 it has been collecting websites as well as print media. The UK Web Archive is a growing and exciting new expansion into the documentation and collection of our digital media. Web Archiving collects, preserves and makes accessible web resources of scholarly and cultural importance from the UK domain. The collection will be invaluable for researchers and also a preservation of UK cultural heritage. For more viagra online usa information on the UK Web Archive, see:


Web Archiving will allow the exposure of British Muslim websites in an important and historic initiative. It will showcase the diversity and dynamism of the British Muslim landscape and make it accessible for the wider public. 

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