This conference – part of the RCUK Global Uncertainties: ‘Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue’ project – re-envisions how trust in the broadest sense is conceived between different communities, and especially between Muslim communities facing an erosion of trust post September 11, 2001, and non-Muslim communities. The conference turns to capital, and specifically Islamic capital deployed among the vast and disparate range of multilingual, multiethnic, multinational and multiregional Muslim communities, as the standpoint or venue through which to understand trust, conceptualize and grapple with trust and inculcate and produce the conditions to foster trust.

The conference takes a critical approach to general trends and misconceptions and encourages creative perspectives and empirical research, as well as practitioners’ evaluations of business practices and case studies. We solicit papers on, but not limited to, Islamic management, marketing, finance, trade and economics, knowledge management, sustainability and technology which may address historical, philosophical and religious questions. Accepted papers will be considered for publication in one of the following peer reviewed journals: ‘Society & Business Review’ and ‘Journal of Islamic Marketing’ published by Emerald.

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