Place: Universal Peace Federation London

On Sunday, the 18th of May MTCD organised a special arts evening in collaboration with UPF and Rumis Cave. The event’s aim was to feature British Muslims’ involvements in creative arts as part of Prof Akbar Ahmed’s Journey into Europe: Islam, Immigration and Empire . It is a relevant sphere that especially young individuals use to share their stories, concerns and wishes. We started the evening by inviting Prof Peter Morey to talk about MTCD’s support of Journey into Europe, followed by Prof Ahmed Akbar’s introduction into his new research project. Journey into Europe intends to give a deeper insight into Muslim life in Europe and to contribute to a better understanding about Muslims in Europe. During the second part of the event we had various arts performances by young British Muslims including poets, rappers, comedians and singers. A mixture of emotions, thoughts and themes, such as love, hope, spirituality, stereotypes and injustice was communicated throughout the different performances. 

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