MTCD in Culture, Community and the Arts

Date: Thursday 21 March 2013pattern10
Event: Seminar with the Dialogue Society and the Centre for the Study of Pakistan
Title: Muslims, Trust and Cultural Dialogue: Culture, Community and the Arts
Venue: SOAS, University of London, Room G.51.



On Thursday 21 March, four distinguished figures from the arts and communities sectors met to discuss their experience of building intercultural trust and dialogue between Muslims and others. The artist Abbey, founder of Semtic Art London; writer, broadcaster and former MTV presenter Kristiane Backer; Anwar Akhtar, director of the Samosa digital media publishing project; and Commander Makhdum Chishty from the London Metropolitan Police, spoke of their varied experiences and views on the nurturing of trust. Among the questions they addressed were the following:

Has the role of culture been overlooked when it comes to intercommunity relations?
What role does culture play in the dialogue between communities and can it foster trust?
How have Muslim artists and cultural producers imagined intercultural trust and dialogue in their work?
How are relationships of trust negotiated by Muslim artists, writers and cultural producers when dealing with a predominantly secular culture industry?
Does the Muslim artist/cultural producer have a responsibility to 'represent' his or her community?
What role do the media and journalism play in fostering both trust and mistrust between communities?


Click here for a downloadable podcast of the talks:



  Anwar Akhtar

  Kristiane Backer

  Commander Makhdum Chisty



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