British Muslims, Arts & Culture and Intercultural Relations

This research focuses on the involvement of British Muslims and non-Muslims in intercultural and interfaith arts associations, covering a range of arts tools, such as music, poetry, theatre, comedy and visual arts. The study wants to examine in how far this particular form of engaging in the sphere of arts can contribute to relations of trust between Muslims and non-Muslims. There is a growing scene of interfaith and intercultural arts groups that is becoming increasingly popular among the Muslim and non-Muslim community and whose relevance should not be underestimated. It is the aim of this research to shed light on the activities of these groups, which are completely ignored in the existing literature. It acknowledges the relevance of the sphere of arts in cross-cultural relations.

The study looks at 5 different case studies. Each case study makes use of a different tool of the arts.


‘Berakah’ choir:

‘Berakah’ is a multi-faith choir that started in 2013. It aims to build cross-cultural bridges through music. For more information visit

‘Love and Etiquette’ arts association:

‘Love and Etiquette’ is a non-profit visual arts organisation that was established in 2005. It aims to engage Muslims and non-Muslims through the arts and culture. It organises various events, exhibitions, workshops and educational programmes. Its artists include designers, graffiti artists, calligraphy artists and hand craftspeople. For more information visit


‘MUJU’ theatre group:

‘MUJU’ is a Muslim and Jewish theatre association, which was established in 2004. It seems to bring together Muslims and Jews with a shared passion for creating art and theatre in one space. For more information visit


Comedian Sadia Azmat:

Sadia a British Muslim stand-up comedian who mainly performs in front of a non-Muslim British audience and whose content is often related to her British, Asian and Muslim identity. For more information visit


Playwright Avaes Mohammed:

Avaes is a Britih Muslim playwright. His plays deal mostly with his own British, Asian and Muslim background and generally with issues about Asian/Muslim-West relations.For more information visit

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