Weekly Links 11th-17th February 2013

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 February 2013 06:50


Here is the eighteenth installment of our weekly links. Feel free to share your comments and recommend links.


Rachel Shabi questions whether ‘Argo’, ‘Zero Dark Thrity’ and ‘Homeland’ truly offer nuanced interpretations of Muslims and Islam, for the Guardian.


Sharrae reviews ‘Ask a Muslim’, an online series where black American Muslims introduce Islam through topics chosen by non-Muslims, for Muslimah Media Watch.


Hasnet Lais talks to three British Muslim reverts about Islam and female empowerment, for the Independent.


Professor Leon Moosavi writes about Islamophobia in contemporary Britain for the University of Liverpool blog.


David Graham reports on suspicions into arecent high-profile appointment of Obama’s, for the Atlantic.


A recent edition of BBC’s Sunday programme reports on a High Court ruling on religious divorce with the possibility of great implications.

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