Weekly Links 24th-30th September 2012


Here is the fourteenth installment of our weekly links. Feel free to share your comments and recommend links.


The Guardian’s Owen Bowcott writes on the limits of free speech in different legal systems.


Mashable’s Alex Fitzpatrick writes on the #MuslimRage Twitter phenomenon.


Haroon Moghul, for Religion Dispatches, looks at the narratives dictating the story of the interaction between the West and Islam.


Sarah Posner and Linda Sarsour discuss anti-Muslim adverts on the New York subway, as well as the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ on Bloggingheads.


Adeel Ahmed writes an open letter to respond to US talk show host Joe Scarborough, who stated Muslims ‘hate’ America.


Salman Hameed looks at Newsweek’s ‘Muslims Rage’ front cover.

Wood Turtle, for MMW, writes on Quebec’s ‘Charter of Secularism’ and ‘ostentatious’ religious symbols.

University of Cambridge’s Centre for Islamic Studies releases new report ‘Contextualising Islam in Britain’.


Allison Degen introduces Mousata Bayoumi’s piece on how "the far right can set the news agenda and establish the political tenor of domestic debates" in the US.


Uğur Kömeçoğlu profiles Nilüfer Göle, who argues that ‘the concept of freedom of thought has become the justification for symbolic violence’.


NPR’s ‘The Two Way’ discusses how American Muslims have reacted to the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ film.


The Daily Beast’s Husein Ibish looks at how NYT’s opinion writer Stanley Fish reiterates the East-West binary.

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